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Lady Gaga

I found the Lady Gaga video a little difficult to understand. And I still don’t know if I truly understand the full purpose.

I believe what she is trying to do is to make certain styles socially appropriate for women. For example, men are able to walk around in public without a shirt but if a female decided to do that, she would probably be written a ticket for public nudity. So I think Lady Gaga is fighting for the equality that if males are able to walk around with their shirt off then a female should be able to as well. I’m not to sure though.

An obvious belief of Lady Gaga is gay rights. I think that one is pretty clear. She is a supporter of the LGBT and loves when more people support the cause. I think that topic is probably the most talked about and debated topic. So I know for a fact that she believes in gay rights.

In the video, fans mimic her very unusual styles. Guys will dress up as her mermaid character and girls will dress up as her guy characters. I think this is a way to show support for gender identity. That your biology doesn’t determine your gender but how you feel does. Once again I don’t know for sure. The video really was hard for me to understand and this also isn’t a topic that I look into too much. My little awareness to these topics doesn’t say that I disagree with them, because I don’t disagree. I honestly don’t care. Do what you want. And if people don’t like it, then they’re the ones with the problem.

Lego Remix

Completing the Lego Mashup activity has helped me realize how companies like Lego try to influence the behaviors of young boys and girls through marketing. These companies use the stereotypes of boys and girls to push them in a particular direction. The toys that are created are made with the expectation that the kids have these behaviors or should have them.

Young girls should worry about their image (how they look), how many friends they have, and making cookies and stuff like that. Im guessing that after seeing all of these commercials and marketing tactics, they actually fall into it and worry about the things companies want them too. This limits what young girls can dream about doing. What if a young girl wants to be just as adventurous as a young boy? Or what if they would of had that mindset without the influence of these commercials?

Young boys are taught to be violent and adventurous. With toys that have to do with fighting and exploring the world. I don’t believe that companies are marketing these toys to adventurous boys but marketing it to MAKE them adventurous.

Is this wrong to do? Personally I don’t know. It sounds wrong to say girls should want to bake and want to be pretty. And that boys should want to fight and be adventurous. But thats just how our society is. And genetically boys probably are naturally more violent due to different hormone levels. So this is a tough topic to say if it’s right or wrong. I really don’t know.

United Airline

A United Airline flight was overbooked and additional room needed to be made to create enough space for flying crew members. When no one offered to give up their seat, the airline chose 4 passengers to be removed. One of them would not leave willingly and did not listen. He was dragged off the plane with many injuries given.

This incident brings up the issue on if airlines should be allowed to overbook flights with assumption that their will be last minute cancelations. Personally I don’t know if this should be allowed. I understand its a business tactic to increase profits but it does create an inconvenience for customers from time to time.

This person who was forced off the flight has sustained many injuries and I’m sure a very large lawsuit is coming to United if they don’t compensate out of court. United Airline (UAL) is also worried that this incident will scare off investors. Their stock price has already took a dip which lost Warren Buffet a lot of money because he owns many shares of the company. But we will find out if the increase in profit of the company can increase share price. I believe with the dip the companies share price took, now might be the time to buy.

Creativity Is A Remix

Kirby Ferguson completed a Ted Talk about how a singer Bob Dylan was accused of copying/stealing peoples music. People believed that his music sounded a lot like older artists. But Kirby Ferguson explains how creating something similar is actually only a remix and not really taking it.

A remix is new media created from old media that uses three components, copy, transform, and combine. But Ferguson doesn’t just believe that these are only the components of remixing but he believes that they are the components of all creativity. He believes everything is a remix.

He then got into how Apple came out with “new technology” called multi touch. But even though they say it’s new, it really isn’t. And even though they say it is has a patent, multi touch is used on many many more other items than just the Apple iPhone. Back in the day Steve Jobs admitted that great inventors steal technology. But when Android stole from Apple, Steve Jobs was very upset and said it should not have been allowed. So he admits that great inventors steal but doesn’t like it when they do it to him. (Loss Aversion)

Kirby Ferguson was explaining how our creativity comes from without not from within.

Trumps Budget Cuts

As new President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has announced his proposed budget cuts for the departments of the U.S. Personally I think his budget cuts are scary and I strongly disagree with his decision.

Big Winners: The departments that have received huge increases in funding are the Departments of Defense (+10%), Homeland Security (+7%), and Veteran Affairs (+6%). During Trumps campaign he talked about increasing the security of the U.S but to add this much funding at the disposal of other departments, I believe, was not wise.

Big Losers: In order to add the funding to those departments, Donald Trump cut the funding of the Departments of Environment Protection Agency (-31%), Labor (-21%), State (-29%), Agriculture (-21%), Army Corps of Engineer (-16%), Commerce (-16%), HHS (-16%), Education (14%), HUD (-13%), Transportation (-13%), Interior (-12%), Energy (-6%), Justice (-4%), Treasury (-4%), NASA (-1%).

I guess in order to provide more money for the military and the “protection” of the United States, the money had to come from somewhere. But to cut the EPA by 31%….and Education by 14%, I just don’t see how this will benefit America in the end.

Creation of Online Content

The author of this article has developed elements of online collaborative inquiry and online content construction to aid students expand their ability to use online information sources in their research. Online reading comprehension doesn’t sound that difficult to complete. You find an article, gather information that you find important, then share the information using online tools.

But the author of this article brings up online content construction. Online creation is what puts the information out there while online construction involves creativity, persistence, and revision. When building and revising online content, creativity is needed. Viewing how experts revise their own work will benefit the student in how to revise their work. Also learning from teachers and more experienced students will help you become better at, “building or assembling of an infrastructure”. When revising online information, you need to be able to show that you have become an informed reader about the topic.

A student being given an assignment that involves online creation forces him or her to be as creative as possible. For students it may seem easier because they may be interested in the topic they have chosen but it makes the students use all of the characteristics that he (W. Ian O’Bryne) talked about. Creativity, persistence, flexibility and revision.