Greenhow & Robelia

One of the readings assigned for this week was, “Old Communication, New Literacies: Social Network Sites as Social Learning Resources” by Christine Greenhow and Beth Robelia. They went on to talk about, “The Generational Divide” and why younger people and adults have different views on the uses and impact of the internet. Younger people have always had access to this technology. And because the internet and different media platforms were always known to them, they are called, “digital natives”. Adults aren’t as understanding and accepting to this newer technology. So this article attempts to explain how new literacies are still aiding younger kids in learning. As a matter of fact, the authors argue that it can actually do more for kids, teaching skills that are usually overlooked.

Because learning/communication is being done through a different method, parents believe that it can potentially harm proper literacy (communication). This article argues this belief by explaining how people who are engaged in online networking/learning are developing important skills that go unnoticed. The internet has given us access to different ways of communication. Sending online messages, pictures, or face to face conversations over camera. I believe that, yes, sometimes social skills can be diminished because of this technology but thats not ALWAYS the case. Just because I FaceTime my parents who live in Florida doesn’t mean my social skills will be affected when I eventually see them. I view new applications and different online communication platforms as a way to to give a better experience than sending a letter or even making a phone call.

I believe, just like the studies conducted in this article, that this new type of learning and different ways of communication will become a norm to everyone and agreed upon that it is simply just more beneficial than the old ways of learning and communication.


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