2017 NFL Draft

The NFL held its 82nd draft for the newly eligible college football players on April 28. The draft was held in Philadelphia, which I found very exciting because my favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Going into the draft the Eagles needed to fill spots at the CB and WR position. So I believed that their 1st round pick would have addressed these needs but instead they chose to go with a DE. The DE chosen was a star in college and broke the long time held sack record for Tennessee. The Eagles fans were pretty shocked at the pick knowing that we would have to wait till round 2 to address our issues on our pass defense.

In the 2nd round the Eagles did take a cornerback, but it was a cornerback who tore his achilles heal during last college season. Experts say we might have to wait till next season to see what he can do for us. Overall, I’m not too sure how I like how Philly utilized their picks in this years draft. The Eagles are coming off a rough 7-9 season which placed them last in their division. Eagle fans always have high hopes and believe in their team so I’m hoping that the picks made this year will help us come out on top for 2017.

Fun Fact: The higher you are picked in the NFL Draft the more money you make. The 1st pick is expected to sign a 30 million dollar contract. The 2nd pick is expected to sign a 29 million dollar contract. The 12th pick is expected to sign a 14 million dollar contract. The rookie salary cap is increased every year due to increased NFL profits. It pays to be number one. $$$


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