Lego Remix

Completing the Lego Mashup activity has helped me realize how companies like Lego try to influence the behaviors of young boys and girls through marketing. These companies use the stereotypes of boys and girls to push them in a particular direction. The toys that are created are made with the expectation that the kids have these behaviors or should have them.

Young girls should worry about their image (how they look), how many friends they have, and making cookies and stuff like that. Im guessing that after seeing all of these commercials and marketing tactics, they actually fall into it and worry about the things companies want them too. This limits what young girls can dream about doing. What if a young girl wants to be just as adventurous as a young boy? Or what if they would of had that mindset without the influence of these commercials?

Young boys are taught to be violent and adventurous. With toys that have to do with fighting and exploring the world. I don’t believe that companies are marketing these toys to adventurous boys but marketing it to MAKE them adventurous.

Is this wrong to do? Personally I don’t know. It sounds wrong to say girls should want to bake and want to be pretty. And that boys should want to fight and be adventurous. But thats just how our society is. And genetically boys probably are naturally more violent due to different hormone levels. So this is a tough topic to say if it’s right or wrong. I really don’t know.


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