Lady Gaga

I found the Lady Gaga video a little difficult to understand. And I still don’t know if I truly understand the full purpose.

I believe what she is trying to do is to make certain styles socially appropriate for women. For example, men are able to walk around in public without a shirt but if a female decided to do that, she would probably be written a ticket for public nudity. So I think Lady Gaga is fighting for the equality that if males are able to walk around with their shirt off then a female should be able to as well. I’m not to sure though.

An obvious belief of Lady Gaga is gay rights. I think that one is pretty clear. She is a supporter of the LGBT and loves when more people support the cause. I think that topic is probably the most talked about and debated topic. So I know for a fact that she believes in gay rights.

In the video, fans mimic her very unusual styles. Guys will dress up as her mermaid character and girls will dress up as her guy characters. I think this is a way to show support for gender identity. That your biology doesn’t determine your gender but how you feel does. Once again I don’t know for sure. The video really was hard for me to understand and this also isn’t a topic that I look into too much. My little awareness to these topics doesn’t say that I disagree with them, because I don’t disagree. I honestly don’t care. Do what you want. And if people don’t like it, then they’re the ones with the problem.


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