United Airline

A United Airline flight was overbooked and additional room needed to be made to create enough space for flying crew members. When no one offered to give up their seat, the airline chose 4 passengers to be removed. One of them would not leave willingly and did not listen. He was dragged off the plane with many injuries given.

This incident brings up the issue on if airlines should be allowed to overbook flights with assumption that their will be last minute cancelations. Personally I don’t know if this should be allowed. I understand its a business tactic to increase profits but it does create an inconvenience for customers from time to time.

This person who was forced off the flight has sustained many injuries and I’m sure a very large lawsuit is coming to United if they don’t compensate out of court. United Airline (UAL) is also worried that this incident will scare off investors. Their stock price has already took a dip which lost Warren Buffet a lot of money because he owns many shares of the company. But we will find out if the increase in profit of the company can increase share price. I believe with the dip the companies share price took, now might be the time to buy.


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