Creativity Is A Remix

Kirby Ferguson completed a Ted Talk about how a singer Bob Dylan was accused of copying/stealing peoples music. People believed that his music sounded a lot like older artists. But Kirby Ferguson explains how creating something similar is actually only a remix and not really taking it.

A remix is new media created from old media that uses three components, copy, transform, and combine. But Ferguson doesn’t just believe that these are only the components of remixing but he believes that they are the components of all creativity. He believes everything is a remix.

He then got into how Apple came out with “new technology” called multi touch. But even though they say it’s new, it really isn’t. And even though they say it is has a patent, multi touch is used on many many more other items than just the Apple iPhone. Back in the day Steve Jobs admitted that great inventors steal technology. But when Android stole from Apple, Steve Jobs was very upset and said it should not have been allowed. So he admits that great inventors steal but doesn’t like it when they do it to him. (Loss Aversion)

Kirby Ferguson was explaining how our creativity comes from without not from within.


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