Trumps Budget Cuts

As new President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has announced his proposed budget cuts for the departments of the U.S. Personally I think his budget cuts are scary and I strongly disagree with his decision.

Big Winners: The departments that have received huge increases in funding are the Departments of Defense (+10%), Homeland Security (+7%), and Veteran Affairs (+6%). During Trumps campaign he talked about increasing the security of the U.S but to add this much funding at the disposal of other departments, I believe, was not wise.

Big Losers: In order to add the funding to those departments, Donald Trump cut the funding of the Departments of Environment Protection Agency (-31%), Labor (-21%), State (-29%), Agriculture (-21%), Army Corps of Engineer (-16%), Commerce (-16%), HHS (-16%), Education (14%), HUD (-13%), Transportation (-13%), Interior (-12%), Energy (-6%), Justice (-4%), Treasury (-4%), NASA (-1%).

I guess in order to provide more money for the military and the “protection” of the United States, the money had to come from somewhere. But to cut the EPA by 31%….and Education by 14%, I just don’t see how this will benefit America in the end.


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