Creation of Online Content

The author of this article has developed elements of online collaborative inquiry and online content construction to aid students expand their ability to use online information sources in their research. Online reading comprehension doesn’t sound that difficult to complete. You find an article, gather information that you find important, then share the information using online tools.

But the author of this article brings up online content construction. Online creation is what puts the information out there while online construction involves creativity, persistence, and revision. When building and revising online content, creativity is needed. Viewing how experts revise their own work will benefit the student in how to revise their work. Also learning from teachers and more experienced students will help you become better at, “building or assembling of an infrastructure”. When revising online information, you need to be able to show that you have become an informed reader about the topic.

A student being given an assignment that involves online creation forces him or her to be as creative as possible. For students it may seem easier because they may be interested in the topic they have chosen but it makes the students use all of the characteristics that he (W. Ian O’Bryne) talked about. Creativity, persistence, flexibility and revision.


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