Strong and Weak Readers

When watching the videos on weak readers I noticed how they copied and pasted the question into the search bar. Doing this limits the information that can be found. Also after doing that, they clicked the first 2 articles that popped up not giving any thought in to the websites they were looking into. When conducting research it’s very important that you get your information from a cite you know is reputable. After finding a site that had to do with the topic, the student was told to summarize their findings. This was not done correctly. The information was simply copied and pasted. Doing this did not “summarize” what they have learned or found. They should have talked about the key information in their own words. When it came to finding information about the author, they answered the question on assumption that she knew what she was writing about. Just because she wrote about Chihuahuas does not make her an expert. More research should have been done to find out the author credentials.

The strong reader clearly read the information he/she found and summarized the key points that answered the question being asked. It was not just copied and pasted like the weak reader. After summarizing the key information, they really looked into the author and read her biography. Noting why they thought she knew about the topic but talked about how she was only a “dog lover” and not an expert. It was very important for the reader to note that the author was not officially educated about the remedial use of Chihuahuas which is what they did. Overall, the strong reader clearly did a much better job than the weak reader.



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