Online Reading Comprehension

The creation of the Internet has changed the way people send and receive information. It has made it easier for people to share things. The Internet is now used as a text. Nowadays, students read more online than they do offline. In order to receive proper preparation for the real world, students will have to learn how to use these Internet technologies. Teachers need to make sure students can comprehend what they are reading online. If a student is successful, then they will be able to properly question, locate, evaluate, synthesize, and communicate what they are reading.

A successful online reader will be able to put the question given into their own words. They will also know when they have all of the information needed to answer the question. Students will also have to know how to use a search engine to locate the information. But students need to know when to ignore information that is not useful. After finding the information, it needs to be evaluated. Was the info taken from a credible source or person? How does they author support his or her position? After evaluation, students need to synthesize. The information gathered needs to be constructed in a way that can be shared. The use of images and statistics can help support their argument. At last communication, students will need to be able to properly give the information. For example, maybe a PowerPoint presentation should be used. But they will need to submit all the needed information to completely answer the question.

Online tools that extend the boundaries of literacy can be very useful if properly taught. The way things are being shared are constantly changing so the way students find the information needs to be taught in order for them to be successful online readers.



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