More Life

On March 18th a highly anticipated playlist of music was dropped by Drake called “More Life”. Drake is very well known artist around the world. The playlist contained 22 songs which all seemed to have an island feel to them. This was not a solo playlist, it featured artists Quavo, Young Thug, Giggs and Black Coffee. Some of the featured artists were of a surprise for most listeners. Giggs and Black Coffee are not well known so to be on a song with Drake is a big step for them in getting noticed.

In order to listen to More Life, listeners had tune in to Apple Music and go to Drakes radio station OVO Sound. This was a way to get more people to be aware of his radio station. And because of his endorsement deal with Apple, more people signed up for Apple Music because of his playlist.

One of the songs of the playlist contained a diss track to Tory Lanez. Tory Lanez and Drake are both from Toronto with very similar music styles. Some people feel that Lanez bites on Drakes style and vice versa. Overall, I did not feel like the music lived up to the hype. Although its well put together and catchy list of music, it was not what I was expecting. After about a week of playing they will have the statistics of how many downloads and streams it has accumulated. Thats when you’ll know how the majority of listeners feel.


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