Twitter #educhat

I chose to spectate the Twitter hashtag educhat. It was almost exactly what I expected. Teachers expressing their beliefs about all things involving education. And their opinions aren’t to say that their idea is right and someone else’s is wrong but the ideas are put out there to create a platform so teachers can look at things from a different perspective. One teacher posted a picture of a thick homework packet that was intended for kindergarten students and then expressed how he believed it was not right to give a student that young so much written work. Another teacher posted a picture expressing the importance of teacher collaboration. Teachers need somewhere they can go to collaborate with other teachers to improve upon their ability to help students. Most teachers would probably agree that looking at someones teaching style can help them come up with ideas, which then can be implemented into his or her classroom. In the #educhat it seems most teachers understand that there is a never ending ability to improve the way kids learn. And a great thing is that they’re willing to work together. The last thing I will talk about from the chat is how someone posted about how teachers need to collaborate with the help from the advancing technologies. The changing in technologies will make it easier for teachers to help other teachers. Just like how the #educhat is a form of technology that helps teachers communicate ideas. Overall, #educhat is filled with positive talk about ways to improve upon the way kids learn.


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